Contact management advice from the experts

I was recently honoured to be asked by Brad Patterson to contribute to an article over at evercontact. Contact management can sound like a trivial issue but nowadays when people are juggling contacts in email, CRM systems, LinkedIn, social media and even (believe it or not) on paper leveraging the value of your contacts is critical. Even more so when you are in a customer-facing role.

At Evercontact we’re all about helping you improving your contact management by automating the data input process thus ensuring you always have the RIGHT contact info when you need it. From there, what you do with that data is an art in and of itself, and for that reason, I decided to reach out to some of our power-users and others in the community so that they could share their strategies, tips and hacks on how they optimize their interactions within their community.

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  1. Brad Patterson November 14, 2013 at 6:43 pm #

    Thank you agin for contributing, Mark, and for sharing here!

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