Sales goals – Q1 review

It should look like that!

You will recall that in late last year we looked at setting goals for the next 12 months. Well it may have escaped your notice but it’s getting to the end of Q1, so how are you doing? With a couple of weeks to go, now is about the right time to start worrying if you’re not there yet. So to help you along the way here are a few short term and longer term ideas to help you achieve your quarterly target.


  • Don’t panic. It won’t help and customers, like dogs, can smell fear. If they know you’re desperate and it’s end-of-quarter, expect some “take it or leave it (until Q2)” low-ball offers.
  • If you need to chase someone up to try and get an order placed, now is the time to do it. If you leave it until the last week of the quarter sure as eggs is eggs the one person you need will be on vacation.
  • Take a systematic look at your Q1 numbers, particularly if you are coming up short. What can you sensibly try to pull in from Q2?
  • If it looks like you are going to miss your numbers through something beyond your control (e.g. customer went bust) now is the time to try and negotiate something with your boss on your Q1 quota. When the numbers are in it’s too late.


  • Now is the time to start setting your goals for Q2, although you may need to fine-tune them based on Q1 achievements. All too many companies wait until the dust has settled on one quarter before setting goals for the next. If you’re not careful those goals aren’t finalised until you’re midway through the quarter.
  • Take the time to review goals for you and your team for the whole of 2010.
    • Are they unrealistic?
    • Has anything critical changed?
    • Are they too easy?
    • Do I need to re-deploy my resources based on Q1 performance and markets?
    • Do I need to re-prioritise my customer list?
    • Should I reset my goals for the rest of the year?
    • Is there anybody in my team struggling? Do they need extra coaching or help?

Good luck with the end-of-quarter, I hope you hit your goals and have healthy bonuses to spend in Q2!

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