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Productive selling – Manage your time and make more sales (coming soon!)


I’ve spent the last few months working behind closed doors on an online training course : Productive Selling – Manage Your Time and Make More Sales and thought it was about time that I told you about it!

When I began sales consulting and blogging on the subject it occurred to me that for people who sell there are only two ways under your control to win more sales and increase your income. The first is to improve your selling skills – something that I suggest you strive to do and have blogged on at length. The second is to use your precious time more effectively.

Selling is unusual in that typically your income is highly dependent on performance. It’s also by nature a competitive activity. If you lose a sale by a margin of 1% you get zero (0), not 99% of the revenue that you had hoped for. Yet to make those sales you are faced with unique challenges including interruptions that you can’t ignore, lack of routine, often no fixed office, travel and dealing with the unpredictability of people.


This is why I’ve developed Productive Selling – Manage Your Time and Make More Sales. The course is in the final stages of production and will be released on Udemy very soon. To register your interest please click one of the links above and I’ll let you know when it’s available including an exclusive offer for those who’ve pre-registered. The course is intended for sales pros, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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